Public Health Development International, Inc

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General Information

Public Health Development International, Inc. (PHD International, Inc.) is a public health provider of instructional and professional development services and consultative services for academic institutions, healthcare products companies, students, scholars, and national and international agencies.


What is Public Health?

Public Health is a field that addresses health issues associated with communities, including spread of epidemics, immunization, radiation and nuclear exposure, environmental health, space habitation, health policy and medical coverage, ethics, epidemiology, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, maternal and child health services, population dynamics, genetics, genomics and proteomics, food-, air-, and waterborne diseases, nutrition and gerontology.

Mission Statement: PHD International, Inc.

Public Health Development International, Inc. mission is to assist our clients students and members (individuals, institutions, agencies and companies) in identifying the integrative importance of public health.

Three Functions: PHD International

PHD International, Inc. is a multi-level public health organization that serves in three essential functions:

(1) PHD International, Inc. is a pipeline for the development of public health leaders and scholars and

(2) PHD International, Inc. provides international consulting and training facilitation on public health and clinical trial related issues and

(3) PHD International, Inc. establishes a forum for the exchange of scholarly contribution and political advisory services on public health related projects

PHD International, Inc. website provides information on workshops, seminars, courses, and programs hosted for students and professionals. and important public health concerns.